3 Key Benefits of Biobased Propylene Glycol

What do heat transfer fluids, laundry detergent, & packaged foods have in common?

Propylene Glycol is commonly found in all of them!

Propylene Glycol is a very versatile substance, and a top selling item at CORECHEM. Available in both USP and industrial grade, CORECHEM supplies our customers, commonly, with 100% biobased Propylene Glycol. This means that the product has been derived from vegetable glycerin, instead of crude oil.

**(NOTE: Supply of biobased propylene glycol is not guaranteed and dependent upon current market conditions.)**

So is there a difference in biobased Propylene Glycol and petroleum-based Propylene Glycol? And should you prefer one over the other?

Both types of Propylene Glycol have the same molecular structure, and functionality; only trace impurities in the two products will be different. Here, we compile a short list of three key benefits to using biobased Propylene Glycol.

  1. The ‘Feel Good’ Factor: Biobased Propylene Glycol production provides a 61% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to Propylene Glycol that has been derived from petrochemical production. You can’t see this benefit, but you can feel good about it- so we call it the ‘feel good’ factor!
  2. Pricing Stability: Derivatives of crude oil can experience dramatic price fluctuations in the event of major world events. Prices for biobased products tend to be more reliable.
  3. ‘Green’ Marketing:¬†The bottom-line benefit of ‘green’ marketing in¬†consumer packaged goods is at times a controversial subject. However, according to a recent publication by the Harvard Business Review, ‘Actually, Consumers Do Buy Sustainable Products’. The use of plant derived ingredients in products such as detergents or other cleaners can help substantiate trust-building ‘green’ claims such as ‘sustainable’, ‘renewable’, and ‘plant-based’. In addition, goods that meet a minimum of biobased content may qualify for the ‘USDA Certified Biobased Product’ seal.

When sourcing Propylene Glycol for your application, consider the benefits of using biobased Propylene Glycol. To discuss the source of the Propylene Glycol products you purchase from CORECHEM, reach out to a sales representative today.


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