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Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Solution

Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Solution is a colorless liquid with a slightly sharp odor. It is a strong oxidant, bleaching agent, and antiseptic. Exposure to heat or light will speed decomposition. Buy Hydrogen Peroxide NSF for applications that require NSF-certified material. Or, buy Hydrogen Peroxide in various other concentrations, from 7% – 35%. Product Data Sheet […]

Removing Manganese and Iron From Raw Water (Options: Pros, Cons)

Iron and Manganese Removal in Water Treatment Iron and Manganese are two minerals that occur naturally in raw water. These minerals aren’t harmful, but essential to human life. However, their presence can lead to bad smells in potable water, as well as unsightly stains on homeowners’ faucets. For this reason, water treatment plants use various […]