Sulfuric Acid Struggles with Persistent Sulfur Shortage

February 8, 2022 Sulfuric Acid is a very important commodity chemical. America, the top chemical producer in the world, produces ...
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Potassium Hydroxide Gets a Boost From Ag

January 12, 2022 Potassium Hydroxide is derived from Potassium Chloride, one of the most widely applied fertilizers in the U.S ...
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CORECHEM receives Governor’s Award of Excellence for workplace safety

CORECHEM is excited to announce that we have received the Governor’s Award of Excellence for workplace safety and health! This ...
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Sodium Hydroxide: Membrane vs Diaphragm Grade

Sodium Hydroxide, or Caustic Soda, is made via the electrolysis of brine in a process known as the chlor-alkali process ...
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A Frosty Flip-Flop Winter

September 27, 2021 The Farmer's Almanac is forecasting a "frosty flip-flop winter" for 2021-22. Order Icemelt by November 15 for ...
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Hurricane Ida Another Setback for Supply Chains, But…

September 16, 2021 ...On a positive note, Ida was less devastating than the winter storms Uri & Viola last February ...
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Acetic Acid Remains Tight After Deadly Chemical Leak

August 31, 2021 Acetic Acid and derivatives have been dogged by persistent short supply since the unexpected freeze up along ...
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U.S. Thirsty for Citric Acid Imports

August 18, 2021 It’s peak demand season for Citric Acid, and the U.S. is short on supply. There are only ...
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Cleaning with Oxalic Acid? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Oxalic Acid is a reliable & effective cleaner when used in appropriate applications. Oxalic Acid may be used to remove ...
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Prices Rise as Supply Chains Continue to Struggle

July 20, 2021 Around the world, supply chains are in turmoil. As a result of many factors, lead times for ...
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