Caustic Soda vs Soda Ash: A Base-ic Comparison

Caustic Soda (also known as Sodium Hydroxide) and Soda Ash (also known as Sodium Carbonate) are both bases. This means they have a high pH. They may be a useful source of alkalinity in a wide variety of industrial applications such as pulp and paper, water treatment, detergent and soap production, and pH adjustment. If […]

Sodium Hydroxide: Membrane vs Diaphragm Grade

Sodium Hydroxide, or Caustic Soda, is made via the electrolysis of brine in a process known as the chlor-alkali process. During electrolysis, an electrical current is used to cause an otherwise non-spontaneous chemical reaction; in this case, the decomposition of salt. What does this look like? Brine passes into an electrolytic cell. The cell is […]

Prices Rise as Supply Chains Continue to Struggle

July 20, 2021 Around the world, supply chains are in turmoil. As a result of many factors, lead times for goods have continued to increase during the year, and prices have continued to rise. While we don’t know yet how long this will last, we do know that we likely have not yet seen the […]


August 26, 2020 Take your water quality to the next level with our two new water treatment products! Designed for use in both municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment applications, COREPAC coagulants and POLYCORE flocculants are an exciting addition to our current product offering. For any liquid/solid separation or dewatering application, COREPAC and POLYCORE […]

US Oil Market Freakishly Trades Negative

April 23, 2020 This week saw a first for the oil industry. Already trading at historically low prices, on Monday the WTI plunged to negative numbers and traded at -40/barrel. Fortunately, the next day saw a return to positive, albeit pitiful, numbers. How can this be possible? COVID-19 lockdowns have caused a sharp decline in […]

Safety Spotlight: Preventing Chemical Contamination

April 7, 2020 Chemical contamination, like virus contamination, usually happens unconsciously. Tiny amounts of material get on our hands or gloves, and spread to everything we touch- door knobs, our face, our lunch. Preventing the spread of chemical contaminates takes an arson of weaponry, and starts by reading the SDS and labels that will tell […]

Sulfuric Acid: 1 Molecule, 101 Uses

February 28, 2020 H2SO4. Sulfuric Acid. Battery Acid. Vitriol. Whatever you call it, Sulfuric Acid is one of the most important chemicals, and plays some part in production of almost all manufactured goods! The chemical properties of Sulfuric Acid are what make it a highly versatile chemical with a wide variety of applications. For one […]

Safety Spotlight: Using a Safety Data Sheet

December 27, 2019 For our end-of-year Safety Spotlight, we’re taking a look at the all-important Safety Data Sheet! A Safety Data Sheet, or SDS, contains all of the need-to-know information about a chemical in sixteen sections, conveniently arranged in need-to-know order. All of the information you may need in the event of an emergency is […]

3 Key Benefits of Biobased Propylene Glycol

What do heat transfer fluids, laundry detergent, & packaged foods have in common? Propylene Glycol is commonly found in all of them! Propylene Glycol is a very versatile substance, and a top selling item at CORECHEM. Available in both USP and industrial grade, CORECHEM supplies our customers, commonly, with 100% biobased Propylene Glycol. This means […]

Safety Spotlight: Chemical Release Preparedness

September 25, 2019 Aaa, September! In addition to thinking about all things fall, it’s National Preparedness Month. We wanted to be prepared, and help you be prepared, for chemical spills & releases in the workplace. How do you prepare for a chemical release in the workplace? First and foremost, employees should be familiar with all […]