Ice Control Products

Whatever your deicing or anti-icing challenge, we offer a full suite of high performing ice control products to prevent snow and ice from bonding to road and walkway surfaces. CORECHEM offers both granular and liquid products and we deliver unique and highly-effective solutions that will give you peace of mind, knowing your surfaces are clear.

CORECHEM entered the deicing market in 1990, playing on the strength we had built supplying salt for food and industrial water treatment applications. Today, CORECHEM has become the go-to source for customers who need ice melter “in the middle of the storm”. When others are short, CORECHEM performs by partnering with manufacturers nationwide, often working long hours to ensure that our customers are able to meet the demands of their clients. Our portfolio of products includes ToughMelt®, rock salt, calcium chloride and additional blends. We are continuously building our distributor network to bring product to you quickly and efficiently.