Employee Spotlight: Jacob Story

January 31, 2020

Oh where, oh where, would we be without our warehouse manager, Jacob Story?!

As warehouse manager, Jacob is responsible for handling the incoming and outgoing shipments here at CORECHEM.

Customers that pick up product at our location have likely met Jacob as he loaded your vehicle! In addition to customer pick-ups, Jacob also helps our truck drivers as they load each morning, and pulls and wraps orders shipping via common carrier every afternoon. No matter whether product is shipped on our fleet, via customer pick-up, or on commercial carriers, Jacob is the usually the last person to see it as it leaves our warehouses.

He is also the first person to see product as it comes in to our warehouses. He says, “You learn something new every day.” Jacob processes incoming shipments, and has a passion for making sure product is received accurately and in good order as he unloads the truck drivers.

So which of these things does Jacob enjoy doing the most? He says that helping customers with pick-ups is a highlight of his day. “You never know the impact you have on a person’s day until you make them smile.”

All of us on the team appreciate Jacob’s characteristically friendly and helpful attitude! Jacob is a team member with a high level of dedication and passion for excellence. What does Jacob like most about his job? “Interacting with all the truck drivers and the staff meeting breakfast.” An excellent team player, Jacob says his is “one of the best jobs on earth. Not only because of the work, but because of the co-workers.”

In his off time, Jacob goes to the gym and spends time with his son. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family, and coaching his son’s baseball team. Jacob is looking forward to being an uncle to a wonderful little bouncing boy when his brother Zachary and his newly beloved wife have their first child. Jacob is interested in being a sports analyst and would like to travel the world someday.

Thank you, Jacob, for being a valuable contributor here at CORECHEM! We are pleased to have you as our January Employee Spotlight!