Employee Spotlight: Kimberly Scroggins

February 3, 2021Employee Spotlight Kim Scroggins

Meet our dynamite, totally un-boring Regional Account Manager and Spotlight, Kimberly (Kim) Scroggins!

Kim originally joined our team in the fall of 2019 helping out in the customer service department, first during a co-worker’s maternity leave and then during the beginning of COVID. Now she serves customers as a Regional Account Manager, working to manage customer accounts with efficiency & ease.

Since she joined the team a little over a year ago, it has become obvious that Kim has a natural talent for what she does. Large-hearted, she clearly loves her customers and is willing to go to any length to make sure they’re taken care of properly. If questions arise, Kim is willing to ‘go to fight’ internally for her customers, championing their cause to get the best service, response time, price, etc. for them. Fun fact about Kim? She has even bottled her own order! When, on one occasion, our production team was tight on time, Kim stepped out back and worked alongside our production team to ensure her customer’s job would be finished on time.

Kim brought experience to our team, but also a love of learning that is so essential in the chemical industry. In addition to learning about all the different chemicals, applications, and how the various industries use the chemicals, Kim also enjoys learning about her customer’s families and businesses, so she can help them solve problems with effective and efficient solutions.

… and while Kim sometimes says she’s ‘just boring today’ on the morning sales call… we find her personal attributes of caring personality plus healthy curiosity totally un-boring!

In her time off, Kim enjoys spending time with her husband of 18 years and her 17 year old son (when he wants to hang with his not-so-cool mom). Before COVID, Kim enjoyed going to the movies a lot and tailgating at Memphis Tigers’ home football games. Now, her focus is on taking care of her uncle, who is fighting for his life and in need of a liver transplant, and raising money to help cover the costs related to it.

Kim moved to Knoxville from Memphis three and a half years ago.

Thanks for being our spotlight, Kim! We’re so glad you’re on the team!