Employee Spotlight : Olivia Pool

This month we would like to put the spotlight on a new team member: Olivia Pool. She joined the CORECHEM team on June 4th, 2018, to fill the much needed role as Supply chain coordinator. Her work here has already more than filled our expectations, and has brought a sense of relief to the entire team. We have asked her to reflect on the job thus far:

June 4th, I joined the CORECHEM team as the Supply Chain Coordinator. In my previous work history, I had been in several different logistics and management positions, but the opportunity at CORECHEM has been a new and unique application of these skills. Having just passed the one-month mark on my tenure, I was asked to take a moment to reflect on my experience to this point. As I considered these four weeks, three ideas came to mind: what I have truly enjoyed about this job, what I have learned so far, and what I hope to accomplish.

Coming in to the job, I expected to be overwhelmed: any company whose product offering is as extensive and knowledge intensive as CORECHEM’s would—naturally—be quite a task to master. In this regard, I have not been disappointed. I told a friend a few days after starting, “It just seems like there aren’t enough hours to the day! I start through my ‘to do’ list, and, the next thing I know, it’s already the end of the day.” The challenge of learning—learning about our products, our transportation channels, and our customers—has certainly kept my mind endlessly occupied. Most particularly the challenges all suppliers, producers and distributors are facing considering the driver shortage in the market was a dynamic I had not previously been truly aware of. I look forward to every day learning better ways to be more effective in my application of all the new knowledge I’m being gifted with. My favorite aspect of the job, thus far, has been the opportunity to learn about the various businesses with which we partner. To see all the vibrant and successful businesses in our community and the broader world using the products we provide to solve problems and make products that help people has been truly eye opening. American industry and the unique people who have built it never cease to amaze me. I have loved the opportunities I have had to talk with these hard-working people and learn how I can better make the work they do more seamless and effective. I take very seriously the responsibility I have been given to be a part of the daily workings of other people’s businesses, and I am eager to learn how I can fulfill this responsibility better as I learn and develop.

As I approached this new opportunity—considering what I wanted to accomplish in this new work—I hope to bring a sense of ownership to my work in the supply chain. Ownership in the sense that I treat this job with the same kind of seriousness and industry that I would if I owned the entire company, but also by looking at my work in supply chain here as though I owned our customer’s businesses. If I were a customer of CORECHEM , what priorities and convictions would I want the person in charge of acquiring my components and inventory to have. I have always enjoyed bringing this mindset to my previous pays of employment, and I’m eager to discover the ways I can apply these principles here. I’m so excited to have the chance!