Inhibited Ethylene Glycol & Inhibited Propylene Glycol

GlycoChill+ is an exclusive line of inhibited glycols, formulated for any industrial process that requires heat transfer fluids.

Created in our laboratories, the GlycoChill+ brand offers corrosion protection and premium performance… all at a reasonable price.

Glycols are indispensable in the world of heat transfer fluids, offering antifreeze protection for the wide variety of applications they are used for. Glycols are mixed with the correct concentration of water to achieve the freeze or burst protection required. For your convenience, GlycoChill+ comes as a full strength blend, and in an extensive range of common dilutions. See FAQ: Glycols.

Our GlycoChill+ brand is made up of three series:

  • ‘P’ series (propylene glycol-based)
  • ‘P-HD’ series (propylene glycol-based with additional inhibitors)
  • ‘E’ series (ethylene glycol-based)
  • Additionally, ‘P-FG’ is a food grade product designed for use where incidental contact with food is possible.

Choose Your Inhibition Package

GlycoChill+ ‘P’ series is created for use in systems where only ferrous metals are present. For systems that have both ferrous and nonferrous metals, GlycoChill+ ‘P-HD’ should be used.

The corrosion inhibiting package in our ‘E’ series protects against corrosion of both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Additionally, we carry straight Propylene and Ethylene Glycols, with no inhibitors added.

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