August 26, 2020

Take your water quality to the next level with our two new water treatment products! Designed for use in both municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment applications, COREPAC coagulants and POLYCORE flocculants are an exciting addition to our current product offering. For any liquid/solid separation or dewatering application, COREPAC and POLYCORE are your clear solution.


COREPAC Coagulants



  • COREPAC: Treat your water or wastewater with a polyaluminum chloride, or PAC, to neutralize the charge of suspended particles and effectively prepare water for flocculation/sedimentation. Learn more about COREPAC.




  • POLYCORE: These flocculants promote clumping of suspended, neutralized particles and cause macroflocs to form, which can then be easily separated from the water. Learn more about POLYCORE.


When seeking effective products for coagulation and flocculation, partner with a company who is passionate about helping you achieve your water quality goals.  At CORECHEM, we take your water quality goals seriously, and have the product offering to meet the many varied needs in water and wastewater treatment processes. For a free water quality consultation, get in touch with a sales rep today. We look forward to speaking with you!