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Ethyl Ether, Anhydrous, ACS Reagent

Ether, Di-ethyl Ether, Sulfuric Ether, Ethyl Oxide, Di-ethyl Oxide
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Ethyl Ether Anhydrous is a colorless, volatile, mobile liquid. It is hygroscopic, with an aromatic odor, and burning, sweet taste. It is soluble in alcohol, chloroform, benzene, solvent naphtha, and oils, and slightly soluble in water.


Chemical formula

Ethyl Ether Anhydrous applications include: Organic synthesis, smokeless powder, industrial solvent (nitrocellulose, alkaloids, fats, waxes, etc.); analytical chemistry, anesthetic, extractant

Please see Ethyl Ether Anhydrous Safety Data Sheet for full safety and compatibility information.

UN1155, Di-ethyl ether, PG I

Ethyl Ether Anhydrous is available in a 5 gal pail and a 55 gal drum.