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GeoChill+™ Methanol-Based Geothermal Fluid

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GeoChill+™ Methanol-Based Geothermal Fluid, our GeoChill+ ‘M’ Series, is the most economical of our heat transfer fluids, and has excellent heat transfer characteristics. The full strength product, GeoChill+ M-700, is straight Methanol plus our corrosion inhibitors. As an alcohol, it has antiseptic properties, so bio-fouling is not a concern for your geothermal system. However, there are several factors that detract from it’s widespread use. It is very toxic to humans and wildlife, and very flammable, with explosive vapors. Additionally, it is banned from use in several states. We recommend using the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) when handling this material. GeoChill+ ‘M’ Series is designed for use in closed-loop geothermal systems.

GeoChill+™ M-700 Methanol based Geothermal Fluid Safety Data Sheet

Standard Dilutions:

GeoChill+ M700 GeoChill+ M750 GeoChill+ M725
100% Methanol 50% Methanol 25% Methanol

Standard Packaging:

GeoChill+ Methanol-Based Geothermal Fluid is available in 15 and 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, and full bulk tank trucks.


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