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POLYCORE Flocculants

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Use POLYCORE to meet your water quality goals.

For any municipal or industrial water treatment application requiring the use of flocculants, POLYCORE flocculants are your clear solution. POLYCORE flocculants provide optimal liquid/solids separation for water treatment applications. Whether your goal is to produce quality drinking water, effectively treat wastewater to render it environmentally safe prior to disposal, or to improve the quality of water you’re using in an industrial application, POLYCORE will help you meet your water quality goals.

POLYCORE Flocculants


POLYCORE flocculants are variations of the base polyacrylamide molecule. When dissolved in an aqueous suspension, these electrically charged flocculants will bond with solid particles, which then coagulate to form macroflocs. These macroflocs easily separate from the suspension or slurry.

The benefits that POLYCORE can provide to both influent and effluent are numerous. When used to treat influent, POLYCORE will improve liquid/solid separation and improve floc size and formation. The flocculants will also enhance water clarification and reduce sludge volume. When used to treat effluent, POLYCORE will improve water separation and drainage and enhance filtrate quality. By effectively reducing sludge formation and volume, sludge disposal costs will be lower. POLYCORE flocculents accelerate both sedimentation and flotation of suspended solid particles wherever they are used.

Your water quality goals are important to us.

At CORECHEM, we believe that ‘Customer First’ means taking your water quality goals seriously. Helping you meet those goals is our primary concern as we work with you to decide which of our POLYCORE products is best suited to your needs. For more information about POLYCORE flocculants, or to discuss your current water treatment needs, reach out to a CORECHEM representative. We look forward to speaking with you!


POLYCORE flocculents are effective wherever liquid/solid separation is desired. Commonly, this may include:

  • Raw Water Treatment
  • Surface Water Treatment
  • Process Water Treatment
  • Circulation Water Treatment
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Mechanical Dewatering Processes
  • Static Dewatering Processes