ToughMelt® Premium Blended Icemelter

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ice melt

ToughMelt™ was born out of 25 years’ experience of supplying ice melter to the commercial snow & ice removal industry. In addition to superior melting performance, it is safer to use and more affordable than Calcium Chloride and other alternatives. ToughMelt™ is tinted green for application efficiency. When you need a serious deicing strategy, ToughMelt™ is formulated to meet your needs.


toughmelt icemelter
Part #



50 lb bags, 40 lb pails, and  2,000 lb super sacks.

Environmentally Friendly
  • Safer on vegetation, concrete, and metals*
  • Contains no hazardous chemicals
  • Safer for children and pets*
Application Friendly
  • Easy to apply by hand or spreader
  • Lower application rate saves time and money.
  • Colored green for visual coverage
  • Granulated for use in salt spreaders
Safe & Effective
  • Eliminates slippery ice conditions
  • Keeps snow and ice from bonding to pavement
  • Fast acting – Long Lasting

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ToughMelt™ Brochure – Single Page (CCI) 2018.08.27