Safety Spotlight: CORECHEM & COVID-19 Compliance

June 15, 2020

Work from Home. Virtual Meetings. Disinfecting Procedures. Sick Policy. Social Distancing.

Love it or hate it, COVID-related terminology is now everyday, all-the-time lingo in 2020! As companies seek to reopen, or bring employees back into the office that have been working off site, workplaces everywhere are being re-thought. How will employees be safe in our workplaces?

Here are the steps CORECHEM has taken so far in our efforts to keep employees safe, and stay COVID-19 compliant.

Disinfecting Procedures: Procedures for disinfecting our offices were put into place in early March. These procedures will continue to be followed diligently as more employees return to work.

Sick Policy: A new sick policy was also put into place in early March, requiring sick employees to stay home from work.

Working from Home: Been there, done that. The majority of the office staff at CCI have been working from home since the middle of March.

Virtual Meetings: You bet! While working from home, we have had plenty of hands on experience using our various virtual meetings platforms: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Social Distancing: Aaaaaand…. this is where it gets kind of exciting! Since our sales office did not allow for ample space between employees while at their desk, renovations have been taking place while the office is empty! Employees in the newly renovated downstairs sales office look forward to being much more socially distant from their coworkers when they return to work.

Hopefully, these and all measures currently being taken around the world will be effective at shortening the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, here’s to staying safe this summer!


July 7, 2020 Update: