Safety Spotlight: Getting Rid of Empty Chemical Containers

Returning Drums and Totes from CORECHEM

Drums and totes that have been delivered to your facility by a CORECHEM truck are returnable. In order to return a container, it must be empty with a maximum of 1” of residue in the bottom. If they are stored outdoors, drums should be stored on their side to prevent from filling with rainwater. Any liquid in the container at time of pickup is assumed to be as stated on the label. If more than one inch of residue is in the container, our drivers are not allowed to pick the container up: see Empty Container Policy. Empties may be returned with your next chemical delivery, or when our truck is in the area.

We are unable to reuse drums and totes that have been picked up from our facility and/or are transported on your truck; however, if proper disposal of these containers presents a problem to you, these may be returned to CORECHEM.

Returning Drums and Totes from Other Suppliers

CORECHEM can take back drums and totes from other suppliers if certain conditions are met. In order to determine if we are able to take back the drum or tote you received from another supplier, we will need to first review a Safety Data Sheet of the material the drum or tote was used for. Drums and totes must be empty and contain less than 1” of residue in the bottom.

Disposing of Drums and Totes

To dispose of drums or totes, look up your local disposal site. Also, refer to Section 13 of the Safety Data Sheet for disposal considerations.

Disposing of Smaller Containers

To dispose of 5 gallon carboys, 1 gallon bottles, and other smaller containers, refer to Section 13 of the Safety Data Sheet. Depending on what the container was used for, some smaller containers may be able to be simply thrown away, while others may need to be disposed of in a safe manner.

With any further questions on disposal of empty chemical containers, call the EPA hotline (800.424.8802) or contact us for guidance.