Why CORECHEM Hand Sanitizer is #1

September 17, 2020

Our Formulas

All of our premium liquid, gel, and foam formulations have a high alcohol content. For a safe, ‘Made in the USA’ hand sanitizer, CORECHEM is your trusted partner. We manufacture both Ethanol and Isopropyl Alcohol-based sanitizers in-house. All of our formulations contain high alcohol content, in excess of popular brands and the CDC recommended minimum of 60%.

When we say Ethanol, we mean Ethanol. The FDA list of ‘Do Not Use’ hand sanitizers has grown exponentially over the past months. While most of these brands are imported product, a handful do come from US manufacturers. Many of these are products that have been falsely labeled claiming Ethanol as the active ingredient, but actually contain a high percentage of Methanol. Although very low levels of Methanol do occur naturally in Ethanol and are perfectly safe, these sanitizers contain anywhere from 20 – 80%. This high level of Methanol can poison you in a way similar to carbon monoxide poisoning, either by consumption or when absorbed through the skin. Our Ethanol contains well below the maximum limit of 200 ppm Methanol. Avoid the hassle and expense of product recalls- source a hand sanitizer with a label that says Ethanol and means Ethanol. If desired, a Certificate of Analysis is always available- just ask!

We keep it simple. We believe in creating a simple, effective product with a great user experience. Rather than over-complicating things, we create our formulas with just a few high quality ingredients. This allows us to maintain better control over our supply chain. In order to serve you better, some customizations can be made to our premium formulas. With specific requests, reach out to a sales representative today.

Our Ingredients

Our customers tell us they love the silky smooth feel of our sanitizer. You have to feel it to believe it! By using the best quality ingredients we can find, including USP grade Isopropyl Alcohol and Ethanol as our bases, our sanitizers have a truly premium feel. If you’ve ever used a sanitizer and were left with a sticky mess on your hands (and even if you haven’t), try our product for a difference you can feel! Request a sample today.

We source USP grade Ethanol of the highest quality… In the world of Ethanol-based hand sanitizers, the quality of a finished sanitizer is very dependent on the grade of Ethanol used. In order to produce different grades, different processes are used. For example, in order to properly remove impurities and offensive smells for a USP grade product, Ethanol must be distilled multiple times. There is a very big difference in Ethanol meant for use in gasoline versus a premium USP grade double distilled Ethanol.

As COVID-19 began its rapid spread in the U.S. last spring, foul smelling hand sanitizer flooded the market. Fuel grade Ethanol plants, virtually at a standstill due to limited demand for gasoline, were trying to meet this new, urgent, and unprecedented need. Despite the investments they made in new equipment and processes, quality issues (i.e. bad smells and higher levels of impurities) persisted. Ultimately, the FDA updated their guidelines to state that Ethanol used for hand sanitizer production must meet USP/FCC guidelines. CORECHEM sources only the highest possible USP grade Ethanol.

…because we’re scents-ative to smell, just like you. Lack of offensive odor is only half of it. Your hands are never more than an arm’s length away- well within sniffing distance! That’s why our liquid, gel, and foam sanitizers are all custom scent-able. Pick a smell you love, don’t just settle for one you can tolerate!

Our Supply Chain

To buy high quality raw materials for our premium formulas, CORECHEM utilizes longstanding supplier relationships that we already have in place. We source raw materials like industry veterans… because we are. In our quest to continuously improve quality, we put considerable effort into vetting raw material sources until we feel confident that we’re offering our customers only the best. Then, if we foresee possible future supply issues, we lock in contracts at multiple sources. This way we can be confident of our supply chain going forward.

Our Quality Standards

As a chemical company, we report to, and comply with, over a dozen regulatory government bodies. Compliance is a huge part of what we do, year in and year out. The first step in maintaining compliance is evaluating our suppliers to make sure that they, too, are compliant. All hand sanitizer formulations are tested and tweaked extensively in our laboratories prior to bringing to market. After we finish a hand sanitizer formulation, the final step is to register the formula with the FDA.

Our Heritage

You might say chemical compounding runs in our blood. Before we changed our name to CORECHEM, we were Greenway Products. Since the inception of Greenway Products in 1981, chemical compounding has been a part of what we do.

As you can see, there are many reasons why CORECHEM hand sanitizer is #1! But don’t just take our word for it… call us at 865.524.4239 or contact us to get the conversation started and get a sample of our product into (and onto) your hands. We look forward to hearing from you!