Women In Water

On March 1st, TAUD announced the formation of Women in Water, a TAUD networking group “dedicated to women actively engaged in the water and waste water profession” [Greg Baker, TAUD Newsletter]. Our own Chloe Pool had the honor of being the first topic presenter for Women in Water at the March 7th gathering in Alcoa, TN.
Before Women in Water’s establishment, Chloe enjoyed an informal gathering of women in the water industry, the first of which was a lunch involving Dina Gouge of Southeastern Tank, Ashley Pealer-Richards of J.R. Wauford, Kathy Quartermaine of TN 811, Jenna Hazelet of ServLine, and Carolyn Rambo of Pinnacle Financial Partners, with hopes of the network growing over time. Each of these women now serve on the Women in Water committee, joined by First Utility District of Knoxville’s Kena Hyers and April Cansler. Chloe explained that “TAUD continually demonstrates such willingness to support the water and waste water industry in a variety of ways—and they continue to do so through the establishment of Women in Water, which is growing every day.” She expressed her thankfulness “to be part of the supportive TAUD family.”
TAUD’s Women in Water was formed to support the expanding presence of women in the industry. Dina Gouge, a committee member of Women in Water as well as associate member of TAUD, describes the purpose of the group being to “discuss issues important to women in the workplace.” For additional information regarding Women in Water, please feel free to contact Chloe Pool (Chloe@corecheminc.com), any of Women in Water’s committee members, or TAUD directly at www.taud.org.

The Women in Water logo was designed by April Cansler