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Elim-o Veterinarian

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Every pet owner would love to find an odor control product that really works. Now there is one.

ElimO Veterinarian provides a safe remedy for dog odors, pet urine smells, and even removes skunk smells. Its proven formula doesn’t just mask odors–it bonds with them and changes their structure to eliminate offensive smells.

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Veterinarians across the country have told us how good this product is! They report that it leaves exam rooms and even kennel areas smelling fresh and clean.  Here are some of its many uses:

  • Add to pet’s bath water or shampoo. For extreme smells, it may be lightly sprayed directly on the animal. It is safe for any pet.
  • Wash litter boxes, carpets, floors
  • Add to pet laundry
  • Spray furniture, car seats, or any other area where pet odors linger.