Heat Transfer Fluids

Do You Need Heat Transfer Fluids?

Our team believes that “Customer First” means offering our customers technical expertise and planning assistance long before – and after – the sale. Systems filled with our fluid are entitled to one free annual fluids analysis.

CORECHEM ships heat transfer fluids throughout the eastern United States from our conveniently central location in Knoxville, TN. Our product lineup includes propylene and ethylene glycols, as well as ethanol and methanol-based geothermal fluids- all fully formulated with corrosion inhibitors.

Need it NOW? Order by noon, and we’ll ship your glycol heat transfer fluids on the same day. This means next day delivery for those in our one day ship area! See Next Day Delivery Glycols for details. 

We put the ‘fluid’ in Heat Transfer Fluid.

All of our products come in standard forms: drums, totes, and tankers, dyed using industry-standard color coding, in the full strength formulation or mixed to common dilutions.

Sometimes, you need your HTF supplier to be more ‘fluid’ than that! Product customization is as easy as telling your Team CORECHEM representative what you really need. Dyes aid in leak detection; if you are one of our Tennessee neighbors, perhaps you wish to have a system that “bleeds orange”! In addition to custom dye, we also frequently custom dilute our heat transfer fluids.

Use our Concentration Calculators to determine how much material you will need. Also, see our Water Quality Specification guidelines to learn about the importance of using high quality water in your system. Call us and ask to speak to a knowledgeable HTF specialist if you need assistance.

We look forward to working with you!

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