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GlycoChill+ P220HD Inhibited Propylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid (20% Concentrate)

Inhibited Propylene Glycol
GlycoChill+ P220HD, Antifreeze, Thermal Fluid, Glycol. Comparable to DOWFROST™ and SAFE-T-THERM® products.
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GlycoChill+ P220HD Inhibited Propylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid is the 20% concentrate version of our GlycoChill+ ‘P-HD’ series. GlycoChill+ P220HD contains 20% propylene glycol, 80% water, plus corrosion inhibitors to protect systems from corrosion of both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

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Chemical formula

GlycoChill+ P220HD is specifically designed for use in heavy-duty industrial applications, such as HVAC systems, refineries, and chemical plant processes.

Please see GlycoChill+ P-220HD Safety Data Sheet for full safety and compatibility information.

GlycoChill+ P220HD comes in 5 gal carboys, 15, 30, & 55 gal drums, 275 & 330 gal totes, and full bulk tank trucks. This product is also easily customized with options such as custom dye, dilution, and/or packaging.