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Polysorbate 80, FCC K

PEG-20 sorbitan oleate, POE (20) sorbitan monooleate, Sorbi-macrogol oleate 300
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Polysorbate 80 is an amber, viscous liquid with a faint odor. It is a mixture of oleate esters of sorbitol and sorbitol anhydrides. It is very soluble in water and soluble in alcohol, fixed oils, cottonseed oil, corn oil, ethyl acetate, methanol, and toluene. It is insoluble in mineral oil.


Chemical formula

Polysorbate 80 is a nonionic surfactant and emulsifier. Applications include: medical preparation, dispersant in cosmetics, wetting agent, polymerization, pharmaceuticals, paints, lubricant for textile fibers, emulsifier for textile lubricants, antistat and antifog for plastics, defoamer, dispersant, food packaging adhesives.

Please see Polysorbate 80 Safety Data Sheet for full safety and compatibility information.

This material is not regulated as a hazardous material for transport by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Polysorbate 80 is available in 2350 lb totes.