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ToughMelt® Premium Icemelt Blend

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ice melt

Environmentally Friendly

Ice Melt 50# bag, 40# pail
  • Safer on vegetation, concrete, and metals
  • Contains no hazardous chemicals
  • Safer for use around children and pets

Safe & Effective

  • Eliminates slippery ice conditions
  • Keeps snow and ice from sticking to pavement
  • Fast acting and long lasting

Application Friendly

  • Easy to apply by hand or using a spreader
  • Lower application rate saves time and money
  • Colored green for visual coverage indicator



ToughMelt was born out of 25 years’ experience of supplying icemelt to the commercial snow & ice removal industry. In addition to superior melting performance, ToughMelt contains corrosion inhibitors to reduce the risk of corrosion to concrete and steel, and is dyed green for ease of application. Rated for -25 F, ToughMelt has the low temperature rating and safety benefits of using straight calcium chloride, but at a more economical price point.


ToughMelt Premium Icemelt Blend is used for de-icing. It may be used on highways, roads, bridges, concrete sidewalks, parking lots, and other pavements.


ToughMelt Premium Icemelt Blend is safer for use around pets and children, and more environmentally friendly. Please see ToughMelt Premium Icemelt Blend Safety Data Sheet for full safety and compatibility information.

Packaging Options:

Toughmelt Premium Icemelt Blend is available in 50 lb bags (49/pallet), 40 lb pails (60/pallet), and  2,000 lb supersacks.

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 This material is not regulated as a hazardous material for transport by the U.S. Department of Transportation

ToughMelt Brochure

ToughMelt ships most competitively in a full van trailer truckload (18 pallets with (49) 50 lb bags per pallet). ToughMelt is also available in half truckloads, or on a flatbed carrier. Delivery in pallet quantities is available to most commercial locations within our delivery area, see Delivery Schedule.

ToughMelt is ideal for resale at stores such as lawn, garden, and hardware stores, or for use by landscaping contractors. Request a quote today!