Food Grade Glycol

Food Grade Glycol



As a complement to our popular GlycoChill+ line of heat transfer fluids, CORECHEM offers a food grade version, GlycoChill+ P200FG. This product is propylene glycol-based, with our corrosion inhibition package designed to protect your system from corrosion of silver metals.

GlycoChill+ P200FG is certified and created for use as a heat transfer fluid in food processing applications, or wherever incidental contact with food or potable water is possible.

Additionally, we carry Propylene Glycol USP grade, a food grade glycol with no inhibitors added.

Our food grade glycols are colorless, and can be custom diluted to the percentage you require.

Can I use GlycoChill+ P200FG IN food?

No, this product is not certified for use in food.

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