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Sulfuric Acid 10% Solution

Sulfuric Acid 10% Solution is a clear, colorless, pungent solution. It is a mineral acid. Sulfuric Acid market update 125030

Sulfuric Acid 93% Solution

Sulfuric Acid 93% Solution is a colorless, oily, and highly corrosive mineral acid. It has no odor and is soluble in water at all concentrations. This highly versatile chemical has oxidizing and sanitizing properties, is hygroscopic, and functions as a dehydrating agent. CORECHEM is a supplier/distributor of Sulfuric Acid in bulk package sizes. Buy Sulfuric […]

Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous, FCC

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Sodium Bisulfate

Sodium Bisulfate is included in the class of chemical compounds known as acid salts. During its production, Sodium Bisulfate retains one of the hydrogen ions from a raw material, sulfuric acid, thereby giving it acidic properties. It is this acid quality that classifies Sodium Bisulfate as a general commodity acid for industrial uses. At the […]