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GlycoChill+ E200N Nitrite Inhibited Ethylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid

GlycoChill+ E200N, Antifreeze, Thermal Fluid, Glycol.
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GlycoChill+ E200N Heat Transfer Fluid is the nitrite-inhibited version of our GlycoChill+ ‘E’ series. It contains straight Ethylene Glycol, plus our GlycoHib I-50 corrosion inhibitors.


Chemical formula

GlycoChill+ applications include: HVAC heating and cooling systems; Thermal Energy Storage; Process Heating and Cooling; Snow Melting Systems; Ice Rinks; and various other needs requiring deicing, defrosting and dehumidifying solutions.

Please see GlycoChill+ E-200N Safety Data Sheet for full safety and compatibility information.

GlycoChill+ E200N comes in 2550 lb totes, and bulk.