Solvents Soften in Wake of Propylene Headwinds

July 15, 2022 Acetone and Isopropyl Alcohol, two major commodity solvents, are softening due to market shifts with feedstock propylene. A by-product of crude oil and natural gas refining, propylene is experiencing both an increase in supply and simultaneously a decrease in demand. Propylene can be derived from various intermediates, such as ethane, butane, or […]

Polar Storms Paralyze Chemicals

February 19, 2021 MANY chemicals have been severely affected by the winter storms Uri and Viola that rocked the Gulf Coast region this week, including Propylene Oxide, Propylene Glycol, Hydrocarbons, Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol, P-series Glycol Ethers, E-series Glycol Ethers, Chlorine, Caustic Soda, and Hydrochloric Acid, to name a few. The weather crisis has caused dozens […]

Rising Propylene Shifts Market for IPA, Other Chemicals

February 10, 2021 The US Isopropyl Alcohol market has been a sideshow of its own against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. Commonly used for sanitization, IPA’s initial extraordinary price leap left market players staggered. Then, just as suddenly, a dramatic slide as the need was met, that brought pricing nearly back to pre-pandemic levels. […]

Acetone Enjoys Pandemic Popularity

July 1, 2020 Pandemic-related products are all receiving a tremendous amount of popularity right now, for obvious reasons. Who knew that Acetone is an essential ingredient for several of them? That’s right. Hand sanitizer, face shields, and protective barriers all require this ketone solvent for production. “Hand sanitizer made with Acetone??!!??” No, Acetone is not […]

COVID-19’s Impact On Chemical Supply Chains

April 8, 2020 The global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant impact on chemical supply chains. Here we take a look at some of the chemicals that have been affected: Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol) Sanitization products such as Isopropyl Alcohol have experienced skyrocketing demand. Unfortunately, manufacturers are simultaneously dealing with problems that are preventing them from […]

Acetone Glut Likely to Last

April 9, 2019 As China celebrates the Spring Festival mid-February, it is not uncommon for their inventory of petrochemicals, including Acetone, to reach an annual high. However, the inventories this year are staggering. Acetone inventory in China is presently at a 100% increase over last year. Storage facilities have reached bursting point as they turn […]