Propylene Glycol vs Ethanol: A Case for Ethanol in Geothermal Systems

Propylene Glycol and Ethanol are both environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable, and safe to handle when used as geothermal fluids. Propylene Glycol-based fluids are often the default fluid of choice when filling a geothermal closed-loop system. However, there are many benefits that come with the use of Ethanol-based heat transfer fluids. Here are two different example […]

Deionized Water vs Distilled Water for Heat Transfer Applications

Heat transfer fluids are often diluted with water to achieve the appropriate freeze protection required, and sometimes systems are filled with water alone. Which type of water should be used- deionized water or distilled water? Deionized Water Deionized water is produced by running water through an RO unit, resin bed system, or some similar piece […]

Do I Need To Treat My Closed Loop System for Organic Growth?

Geothermal and chilled water closed loop systems need to be treated for organic growth. Here we offer tips on cleaning and treating your system, and discuss what happens if you don’t treat. Initial Cleaning Post-Installation: Closed loop systems should always be properly flushed and cleaned after the initial installation and before the first fill. Oil, […]

Geothermal Maintenance Made Easy

April 2, 2019 As warm weather returns, it’s time for your spring geothermal maintenance check-up! At CORECHEM, we recommend you inspect your geothermal system at least once a year. Spring and fall are the most common times to do this. Test in the spring to look for post-winter issues; test in the fall to make […]

Flu Shots … and Closed Loop System Checks

We all know that fall is a time to think about our flu shots, and that it is critical to maintain our health during the flu season. Have you considered checking the health of your customers’ closed loop HVAC and geothermal equipment, to ensure that it too stays healthy all season long? CORECHEM Inc. is […]

Geothermal Fluids – Is your system protected from biofouling and corrosion?

While a system may contain a sufficient level of heat transfer fluid to prevent the system from freezing, what is often overlooked is the protection of the system from corrosion and biofouling.  When glycol-based heat transfer fluids are used in closed-loop geothermal systems, the risk of biofouling and corrosion is much higher than the risk […]