Removing Manganese and Iron From Raw Water (Options: Pros, Cons)

Iron and Manganese Removal in Water Treatment Iron and Manganese are two minerals that occur naturally in raw water. These minerals aren’t harmful, but essential to human life. However, their presence can lead to bad smells in potable water, as well as unsightly stains on homeowners’ faucets. For this reason, water treatment plants use various […]


August 26, 2020 Take your water quality to the next level with our two new water treatment products! Designed for use in both municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment applications, COREPAC coagulants and POLYCORE flocculants are an exciting addition to our current product offering. For any liquid/solid separation or dewatering application, COREPAC and POLYCORE […]

Tennessee Association Of Utility Districts ( TAUD) Operator Expo

  The TAUD ( Tennessee Association Of Utility Districts) Operator Expo is held at the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Lebanon,Tennessee. Its purpose is to exhibit vendors and provide demonstrations from experts in the utility industry, while giving other utility professionals from across the state the chance to meet and talk. Meet us at the TAUD […]

Women In Water

On March 1st, TAUD announced the formation of Women in Water, a TAUD networking group “dedicated to women actively engaged in the water and waste water profession” [Greg Baker, TAUD Newsletter]. Our own Chloe Pool had the honor of being the first topic presenter for Women in Water at the March 7th gathering in Alcoa, […]

NSF Certification

What is NSF? NSF is the leading global provider of public health and safety solutions, and is continuously meeting the needs of the community around them. This includes stakeholders, government agencies, and the overall business community. NSF started out in 1944 as the National Sanitation Foundation, which focused on the sanitation of soda fountains. This […]