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DeScale 7

DeScale 7 Liquid Descaler
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DeScale7 is a concentrated solution that safely cuts through calcium, lime, rust, mud, and other deposits. It appears as a clear amber liquid with a pungent odor.

The 7 Advantages of DeScale 7 Liquid Descaler

  • No need to dismantle equipment
  • Does not harm equipment or personnel
  • Reduces plant downtime
  • Environmentally safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Saves time and money
  • Rinses freely with water


Chemical formula

With today’s focus on environmental responsibility, companies are searching for safe, yet highly effective alternatives for dissolving deposits that rob efficiency in water-operated equipment. That’s why we created DeScale7. DeScale7 is a calcium, lime, and rust remover. It may be used in boilers, chillers, pumps, radiators, evaporators, turbines, extruders, condensers, and dishwashers. It also may be used in cleaning applications, such as for pressure washing.

Cleaning Procedures for Cleaning Water Tube Boilers using DeScale7


  • Dissolves up to 4 lbs. scale per gallon
  • Fastest acting descale product available on the market
  • Effectively attacks all known scale deposits
  • Non-corrosive, can be used on most metals

User Friendly:

  • No stirring required
  • Does not aggressively attack skin
  • Can be used without dismantling equipment
  • Once neutralized, can be flushed to sewers


  • Highly concentrated solution
  • Restore rather than having to replace costly equipment
  • Repeated use will not harm equipment
  • No hazmat fees (reduces freight cost)

Product Data Sheet – DeScale7

DeScale7 is non-hazardous, non-fuming, and non-regulated, with no elaborate PPE requirements. Please see DeScale 7 Safety Data Sheet for full safety and compatibility information. When using DeScale7, you should avoid contact with aluminum, magnesium, or zinc. It is not recommended for applications where contact with alloys containing high concentrations of these metals could occur.

UN1760, Corrosive liquids n.o.s. (contains organic acid salts), 8, PG III

DeScale 7 Liquid Descaler is available in 4X1 gallon cases, 5 gallon carboys, 15, 30, & 55 gallon drums, 275 gal totes and bulk.