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Aluminum Sulfate Standard Ground (NSF/ANSI 60 Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals)

Bulk Aluminum Sulfate (50 lb bag), Alum, Pearl Alum, Pickle Alum, Cake Alum, Filter Alum, Papermakers’ Alum, Patent Alum, Alunogenite
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Aluminum Sulfate Standard Ground NSF is an aluminum salt. It appears as grayish-white crystalline granules or powder. It is hygroscopic, soluble in water, and has no odor. This is a dry product. To buy Aluminum Sulfate in solution, see 48% or 48% NSF.

Safety Data Sheet


Chemical formula

Applications of Aluminum Sulfate Standard Ground NSF include: Sizing paper, lakes, alums, dyeing mordant foaming agent in fire foams, cloth fireproofing, white leather tannage, catalyst in manufacturing ethane, pH control in the paper industry, waterproofing agent for concrete, clarifier for fats and oils, lubricating compositions, deodorizer and decolorizer in petroleum refining, sewage precipitating agent, water purification, firefighting foams.

Product Data Sheet – Aluminum Sulfate Std Ground NSF

Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye damage. May cause respiratory irritation. Avoid breathing dust. Wash face, hands, and any exposed skin thoroughly after handling. Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Wear protective gloves/clothing/eye protection/face protection. If in contact with skin or eyes, immediately flush with water for at least 15 minutes. Remove contaminated clothing and seek medical attention immediately. Observe good industrial hygiene practices. Avoid contact with moisture, excessive heat, strong oxidizing agents, strong bases, and metals (in the presence of moisture). Please see Aluminum Sulfate, Granular Safety Data Sheet for full safety and compatibility information.

UN3077, Environmentally hazardous substance, solid, n.o.s. (contains aluminum sulfate), 9, PG III

Aluminum Sulfate Supplier & Distributor:

CORECHEM is a bulk Aluminum Sulfate supplier/distributor. Aluminum Sulfate Standard Ground NSF is available to buy as individual 50 lb bags or in full pallet quantities.