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Glycerin (Glycerol) 99.5% Solution USP

Glycyl Alcohol, 1,2,3-propanetriol
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Glycerin 99.5% Solution USP is a clear, colorless, odorless, syrupy liquid with a sweet taste. It is soluble in water and alcohol, and insoluble in ether, benzene, chloroform, and fixed and volatile oils.


Chemical formula

Glycerin 99.5% Solution USP applications include: Alkyd resins, ester gums, pharmaceuticals, perfumery, plasticizer for regenerated cellulose, cosmetics, foodstuffs, conditioning tobacco, liquors, solvent, printer’s ink rolls, polyurethane polyols, emulsifying agent, rubber stamp and copying inks, binder for cements and mixes, special soaps, lubricant and softener, bacteriostat, penetrant, hydraulic fluid, humectant, fermentation nutrients, antifreeze mixtures.

Please see Glycerin Safety Data Sheet for full safety and compatibility information.

This material is not regulated as a hazardous material for transport by the US Department of Transportation.

Glycerin 99.5 % Solution USP is available in 550 lb (approx- varies) drums, 2700 lb tote, and bulk.