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White Mineral Oil, 70 Viscosity

White Mineral Oil 70, Liquid Paraffin, Liquid Petroleum
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White mineral oils are colorless, odorless, tasteless mixtures of saturated paraffinic and naphthenic hydrocarbons which meet or exceed FDA 21 CFR 172.878, 178.3620(a) and NF or USP requirements. White mineral oils are available in a broad range of viscosities ranging from 55-550 SUS@40°C and are exceptionally suited as ingredients in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations, food environments where direct or indirect contact with food may occur and in applications where odor and staining must be minimized. Custom formulations of white mineral oils may be available to meet specific criteria such as smoke, flash and pour points upon request.

White mineral oils meet or exceed current FDA, USP and NF requirements for neutrality, poly nuclear and readily carbonizable substances, solid paraffin’s, sulfur compounds and UV absorbance as applicable.


Chemical formula

Used as a blending base in a variety of applications, including cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and general industry.

Please see Mineral Oil # 70 NF SDS for full safety and compatibility information.

Not classed as hazardous for transport.

Typically available in 55 gal drums.