Employee Spotlight: Cara Rochat

May 4, 2020

This spring, we are spotlighting our Jack-Of-All-Trades, Fountain of Knowledge, proficient and longtime team member Cara Rochat!!

So what’s her ‘official’ title?! Cara serves as the Executive Assistant to our General Manager, Wesley Sherrod. Here she shares a little about her role:

“As Executive Assistant, I do whatever is needed to help Wes keep up with all his responsibilities. I answer questions, make all the product labels, keep up with meetings, coordinate food for staff events, basically fill in where needed and do everything I can to help the process go smoothly. My favorite part of my job is being able to assist others in their job.  I like to know that what I’m doing is making someone else’s job easier.  The most interesting part of my job is to see how the process works and help it run smoothly.

After working at CORECHEM for 11 years, I have worked in many different departments and with a lot of different people.  Working in different departments you get to see and understand why things are done a certain way, and you respect the persons in different departments because no matter what department you are in you are in the most important role to yourself.  Everyone in the business is important or there wouldn’t be a spot for them in our business.  I have worked as an Executive Assistant, Operations Coordination, Customer Service Representative, I have worked with DOT, OSHA, FDA, EPA in the labeling department and in making SDS’.  I have worked in Elim-O Production, I have labeled bottles for others to fill, basically I just do what is needed when it is needed.”

Fun fact about Cara? Everytime she walks through the door at least two people ask her if she brought snacks or food! Seriously, Cara contributes a lot to the company, food and otherwise. In fact, Cara’s extensive knowledge is somewhat legendary amongst her fellow employees. As former co-worker Deanna Ching (nee Holt) used to say solemnly, in answer to every unanswerable question in the front office, “Cara Knows.”

In her spare time, Cara likes to spend time with children, crafting and creating new things. While working from her grandparents’ home during the COVID-19 crisis, Cara snuck out on the weekends and delivered craft kits to all the children in her life. She enjoyed seeing the excitement on their faces when they saw the packages, and seeing the creations they came up with. “Seeing the children happy is my favorite thing,” Cara says. “Also, the personality of every child is different, but they are all joyful and interesting.”

Cara is introverted and likes to spend time alone, despite the fact that she is one of 8 children and doesn’t have much alone time! She enjoys crocheting, and says it’s always more fun if you are trying something for the first time.

Team CORECHEM is pleased to have you as our Spring Spotlight, Cara! Thanks for sharing!