Employee Spotlight: Sabrina Massey

October 30, 2020

Cheerful, courteous, and competent… meet our fall Employee Spotlight, Sabrina Massey!

Sabrina joined the team in the summer of 2019 to be our Accounts Receivable Specialist. Originally tasked with billing and receiving payments, she was quick to demonstrate her proficiency. In the chemical industry, the invoicing process can be complex and detail oriented, but Sabrina is good about making sure everything is accurate for the customers and for our sales.

Fun fact? Although accounting may seem like a job that doesn’t change at all, Sabrina finds that her tasks change all the time! Sabrina’s role has expanded since she has been with us, and she now enjoys doing a variety of different things, including assisting with Accounts Payables when needed, processing credit applications, and assisting with new customer set up. Sabrina’s ‘can-do’ attitude and endless energy when faced with a project… not to mention her sunny disposition… make her a favorite on the team.

In her time off, Sabrina likes to spend time playing with her son, 5, and all her farm animals. She also loves cats (she has 2) and fair food. Sabrina spends a lot of time traveling, and would love to see all 50 states and Europe at least once. Sabrina is looking forward to becoming an ‘Auntie’ again when her two best friends have their babies!

Thanks for being our Spotlight, Sabrina! We have enjoyed getting to know you better!