Hurricane Harvey’s Effect on Chemical Supply

August 30, 2017

Our thoughts and prayers here at CORECHEM, Inc. are with those who have recently been affected by the Tropical Storm Harvey, which made landfall as a category four Hurricane.  Families and businesses all over the states of Texas and Louisiana have been hit hard by the fury of the storm. As a company, we are sympathetic with the individuals and show our support to anyone affected by the storm.  CORECHEM, Inc. is an active supporter of the committed charitable organization known as the Rapid Relief Team (commonly known as the RRT). ( This team has spent many hours with the community at large ensuring that their needs are met after such an awful tragedy.

(For more information about RRT’s efforts concerning Tropical storm Harvey, please visit:


According to, 13% of the country’s refining capacity is shut down because of the effects of storm Harvey. Oil refineries all along the coast are cutting down production by half, as employees and raw materials cannot pass the flooded roadways; not to mention excessive flooding and damage to equipment, facilities and processes. Supplies of inorganic chemicals (such as sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride salt) are also falling short, and fuel prices are increasing rapidly, leading to economic fears.

CORECHEM, Inc. is currently monitoring the supply situation for all our products from the coast, to ensure that our customers’ needs are met during this time of trial and limited resource.  Contact us via email ( or call (800) 258-5829 to discuss specifics on how Hurricane Harvey could impact your chemical supply chain.