Overseas Producers Relieve Citric Acid Shortage

May 26, 2022

Domestic production issues and a lack of imported Citric Acid from Thailand left the U.S. short on supply for some time now.

Citric Acid Market Update

This situation was not expected to change for another year or so. However, large quantities of import material have filtered their way into the U.S. market from China and India in the last few months. Also, a domestic producer has added capacity. The U.S. supply is still snug, but the extra volume of product has relieved the shortage considerably. As a result, pricing levels didn’t reach the levels that were expected earlier, and the situation didn’t last as long as was anticipated, either.

Supply has caught up with demand, at least for the short term. Although it is possible there may be tighter supply going into the peak demand season, the Citric Acid market has softened a bit for now.

CORECHEM looks forward to supplying your Citric Acid needs!