Team Building

Each month at our staff meeting, CORECHEM Inc. employees join in a team building activity, employees are inspired to work together. We are encouraged to communicate, trust, innovate and strategize to complete, and maybe even “win” the challenge.

Here at CORECHEM Inc., we believe that culture is what we make it. If we want a culture that is fun and encourages growth and inspires teamwork and innovation, effort must be put into it. As in any culture, we realize that it starts at the leadership level. We choose activities that help sculpt our culture into one that allows each of us to be unique contributors to a vision that is broader and bigger than any one of us but would not be possible without each member of our team. It is our goal that, by getting ourselves out of our comfort zone and into a challenging situation, we learn to respect our team members and contribute our talents to the end goal. During these activities we encourage behaviors that are healthy to our team in a fun environment, so we can recognize the same behaviors and talents in our everyday tasks.

This month, our activity highlighted the principles of communication and trust. Each employee was paired up with an employee from a different department and told to sit back to back. One of the partners received a picture, and the other a piece of blank paper. The object was to tell the person with the blank piece of paper how to draw the picture without telling them what the picture was.  The results were impressive!

Other activities have included putting questions inside balloons and tossing them to each other, taping pair words on one another’s backs and asking questions to find the match, and building bridges out of pasta, and much more. Each activity has helped us grow together as a team.