Winterizing with GlycoChill+

Winterization, and winterization maintenance throughout the winter, is a crucial part of maintaining plumbing and HVAC systems. Hoses and pipes that will not be used during the winter and are exposed to freezing temperatures should be properly drained and stored. Critical systems that will be used during the wintertime must be maintained through use of a glycol antifreeze solution appropriate to the application.

GlycoChill+ glycols offer a broad range of options and solutions as your inhibited glycols of choice for maintaining these crucial systems:

GlycoChill+ ‘P’ Series Inhibited Propylene Glycol: Our GlycoChill+ P Series is a non-toxic heat transfer fluid specially formulated for use in cooling towers, chilled water systems, and closed loop systems such as geothermal. It is designed for use in systems where toxicity is a concern. GlycoChill+ P Series comes in a 100% concentrate product called GlycoChill+ P200, or in various dilutions, and is highly customizable.

GlycoChill+ ‘E’ Series Inhibited Ethylene Glycol: Our GlycoChill+ E Series has superior heat transfer capabilities and is excellent for use in winterizing geothermal loops and closed loop systems where toxicity is not a concern. It is not recommended for use in cooling towers or boilers due to it’s toxicity. Our GlycoChill+ E Series 100% concentrate product is called GlycoChill+ E200. It also comes in various dilutions, and many customizations such as custom dye, packaging, and dilution are available.

GlycoChill+ ‘P-HD’ Series Inhibited Propylene Glycol: Our GlycoChill+ P-HD Series is compatible for use everywhere our P200 is used. The only difference is, it contains bolstered corrosion inhibitors. This is most commonly used in systems that have ‘soft’ or ‘yellow’ metals such as copper. Use our GlycoChill+ P200HD 100% concentrate product, or specify the standard or custom dilution you require. This product is also highly customizable.

GlycoChill+ ‘P-FG’ Food Grade Inhibited Propylene Glycol: Our GlycoChill+ Food Grade product is designed for use in any application where incidental contact with food is possible. It is available as a 100% concentrate product, GlycoChill+ P200FG.

By regularly maintaining HVAC systems, you will extend the life of the system and save on costly system repairs. With questions about the use of GlycoChill+ glycols in specific winterization applications, get in touch with a heat transfer fluid specialist today. We look forward to working with you!