Pressure Washing Chemicals (Usage, Tips & Info)

Pressure Washing Chemicals

CORECHEM is a chemical supplier/distributor that supplies pressure washing chemicals to commercial pressure washers in large package sizes, including drums and totes. Our product offering includes bulk chemicals, cleaners, and degreasers designed for the variety of cleaning challenges that professional pressure washers have. Here is an overview of the pressure washing chemicals we offer, plus a few usage tips we’ve picked up along the way…


Pressure Washing Chemicals


Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5% (Bleach, Chlorine)

Sodium Hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach, is the most common and extensively used chemical used by commercial pressure washers. Our bleach is sold at 12.5%, which is stronger than other leading brands of bleach. Bleach degrades over time and in warm conditions. CORECHEM has strict quality controls in place to ensure our bleach is fresh and has not degraded prior to sale. Store bleach away from direct sunlight to maintain full chlorine percentage for approximately 12-20 days. After that, the bleach will lose about 1-2% chlorine per week. Higher temperatures will increase the speed of degradation. Tip: The addition of a surfactant such as Dawn dish soap or similar helps modify the surface tension of the sodium hypochlorite, so it wets the surface better. Wet vegetation and rinse with plenty of water to make sure the bleach doesn’t change the pH of your soil. See the product page for more information on bleach sales.

Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid is used to clean new brick (i.e. new home construction), mortar, and new and existing concrete. We don’t recommend it be used on decorative or stamped concrete, however, and it may cause dark-colored brick to streak. Also, acid doesn’t remove oil. A concrete driveway with oil spots will have to be cleaned with another product such as Greencat 5000 or Super Red II before using the acid.

Oxalic Acid

Oxalic Acid works very well to remove red clay and rust stains from brick, block, driveways, pools, or any hard surfaces. When using this product, be careful around polished, galvanized, and bare metals, as it may cause leaching of the metal ions into solution. This is a dry product available in 55 lb bags and must be brought into a solution for cleaning. Learn more about cleaning with Oxalic Acid.





GutterClean7 is an alkaline-based cleaner that is designed to clean aluminum gutters. It is effective for removing the black streaks that are usually caused by tree sap, mold, oxidation, or asphalt roof shingles. It also works on aluminum trailers, PODs, vinyl siding, and other places where black streaks are found. This product must be used as directed on the label or it will damage paint. This product has a high pH, so it should not be used on polished aluminum surfaces such as wheels, Airstream RV’s, etc. This product is available in 5 gallon carboys.

Super Red II Modified Concentrated Heavy-Duty Cleaner & Degreaser

Super Red II Modified is a heavy-duty, concentrated Butyl Degreaser with a Metasilicate pH booster. It works well for removing petroleum, oils, and greases. This product may be used for aluminum if used as directed on the label, but it should not be used for polished aluminum, as it will take the polish off.

Super Red II Degreaser

Super Red II is a Butyl Degreaser with a neutral pH that is not as strong as Super Red II Modified. This product can be used on polished aluminum and just about any surface, polished or painted.

Green Cat 5000

Green Cat 5000 is a neutral cleaner, and a good all-around cleaner that can be used on any finished surface. It is good for RV Trailers, campers, vinyl boat seats, fiberglass boats, and etc. This product does not remove barnacle growth or hard water stains.

Super Brite Aluminum Cleaner

Super Brite Aluminum Cleaner is a powerful Hydrofluoric Acid-based aluminum cleaner and brightener. It works on anything aluminum (trailer trim, truck tanks, pontoon boats, wheels), but should not be used on polished aluminum. It will remove barnacles and hard water from pontoons and fiberglass boats. However, this product does not remove oil. When cleaning a pontoon boat that has been sitting in a marina, the oil scum will likely need to be cleaned off first with Super Red II or Greencat 5000 before using the Super Bright. Due to the highly hazardous nature of this product, it is critical that the proper personal protective equipment, or PPE (including gloves, goggles, and boots) be worn. Rinse with plenty of water. This product may be diluted a lot (10:1) and still work, as it is very strong.

DeScale7 Liquid Descaler

DeScale7 Liquid Descaler may be used as an alternative to Hydrochloric Acid. It will remove barnacles and hard water from fiberglass boats, and it is safer to use than Super Bright. It may be used for copper and brass metals as well, including copper gutters (if they’re not clear-coated). It is very good for removing hard water spots on stone monuments when used as directed. Avoid contact with galvanized surfaces.

Except where otherwise noted, our pressure washing chemicals are commonly available in 5 gallon carboys, 15 and 55 gallon drums, and 275 and 330 gallon totes. Carboys are available individually or in pallet quantities of 36 carboys/pallet.

With questions about your specific needs or for more information on our pressure washing chemicals, reach out to a representative. We look forward to working with you!